CAS support - CAS for iPhone

  • How to setup?

    Please complete the following steps to gain access to the CAS for iPhone application:


    Create a user with mobile rights in your CAS application at your casino or club:

    A. Go to "Administration" - "Administration" - "Ny bruger"
    B. Enter the username and password
    C. Select the rights you want for this user:
    D. "Mobil gæstesøgning" allows the user to search the complete guest database
    E. "Mobil seneste visiteringer" allows the user to see the latest arrived guests at your casino or club
    F. "Mobil status" allows the user to view the number of guests and turnover for the day/night
    G. "Mobil udefra" overrides the general location setting, which restricts users to only have access to the above mentioned features while being at work (the are restricted to only have access while being within 100 meters radius of your casino or club)
    CAS - Administartion
  • 2.

    Download the CAS application from the App Store on your iPhone


    Enter your CCID (obtained from Info-Connect), username and password (as you created it in step 1)


    our CAS application is now working!

    CAS iPhone - connection information

"No results" - error

Please make sure you enter a valid search parameter. If the name (or part of it) you search for is not found in your CAS database, the system will respond with "No results".

Reload latests guests

Just shake your iPhone while being on the "Guests" tab. In that way the iPhone will reload the latests guests.

Pictures not showing correctly

Pictures are loaded from your CAS database on demand in a resolution that has been adjusted to fit the iPhone. Pictures are loaded from the CAS gateway directly from your database, and if the internet connection at your casino or club is slow, the picture will not show, be black or only load partly. In that case just reload the view and the complete picture will show.

If you have no picture of the guest, CAS will show you the gray default picture.


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